September 20, 2011

Ep. 243 – ZocDoc CEO and Founder Cyrus Massoumi!

TOPIC:  After a little phone tag and some discussion of how GoDaddy sites were hacked, Dave and Mike get a chance to grill ZocDoc’s CEO Cyrus […]
August 12, 2011

Review – Boost Mobile and Samsung Prevail

Boost Mobile using the Samsung Galaxy Prevail Recently I was given the opportunity to test drive a phone and service – Boost mobile’s newest pay-as-you-go offering […]
July 12, 2011

Ep. 236 – Chip Bell is “Wired and Dangerous”!

TOPIC:  Author, businessman, consultant, vet, raconteur and man-about-town (well, I’m making that last one up) Chip Bell and collaborator John Patterson bring us the insightful new […]
October 22, 2010

Product Review – Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

Before reading this review, you should know that I am a longtime Logitech trackball user. More than that, I take every chance I get to proselytize the […]
June 12, 2009

Product Review – PX-310U BD

Plextor PX-B310U DVD and CD Burner + Blu-ray ROM The Plextor B310U BD is a slick, glossy black external DVD/CD burner, and Blu-ray disc ROM.  It […]
April 13, 2009

Product Review – iFrogz DJ Headphones

iFrogz DJ Style “Union” Headphones When I first saw these headphones, I went ‘Yow!’  My cohost and other DJ’s at the studio had a similar reaction.  […]