Ep 415: Getting Ticky Wit’ It
October 6, 2016
Ep 417: WordPress, PHP, Tweetbots and a Pi – Oh My!
October 20, 2016

Ep 416: Trust Doesn’t Scale

SHOW SUMMARY:  What’s scarier? Evil clowns, politics these days, or exploding phones? We cast our vote in this rather disorganized show … listen in to find out!

News Update

  • Cubs win number 1!  3 more to go …
  • Galaxy Note 7 explodes on the scene! (No, really – it literally. Explodes. Flames and all.)
  • First word on the Google Pixel (interview with Verizon to be coming soon)
  • Verizon drone LTE coverage – could it be flying over a town near you soon?
  • Maybe a little politics (again)

Geek Trivia Answer

This week, we provide the answer to:

What was the first year – and contest – that computerized vote calculation was used?

Podcast Only Song of the Week

Small Crimes by Nilufer Yanya

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