Ep 413: Prince Bows Out
April 28, 2016
Ep 415: Getting Ticky Wit’ It
October 6, 2016

Ep 414: Coolsites for Everyone! Also, Brexit happened


Cool sites of the Week

  • KeeWeb - An online and downloadable password management app for you KeePass users!  Just as deliciously free and open source as KeePass – but it works on anything with a web browser!
  • OneTab browser extension – Creates an easy to manage extra browser tab you can send your open tabs to for later use … saves oodles of browser space (and CPU cycles)!

News Update

  • Google apps come to your chrome book
  • How will the Brexit impact technology – in the EU and here?
  • All too much politics …

Geek Trivia Answer

This week, we provide the answer to:

What was the name of Oracle’s very first database product?

Podcast Only Song of the Week

Hearts on Fire by FMLYBND

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