Ep 404 – Pedro Domingos’ “The Master Algorithm”
November 12, 2015
Ep 407 – YASWGF (Yet Another Star Wars Geek Fest)
December 29, 2015

Ep 406 – Google Grease

SHOW SUMMARY - Coding adventures, using Google to get what you want, and lots and lots of Star Wars Episode 7 talk with Dave and Jay!  Special bonus feature – Kids Talk Tech is back this week with Olivia discussing best sites for free (and fun) math games to play online!

News Items

  • Samsung ordered to pay Apple $548M
  • WordPress embraces the dark side (Javascript that is)
  • Swift is opensourced, and IBM lets you program in it on their servers

Jay “Geek Trivia” Garmon Trivia Answer

What was the content of the very first SMS sent?

Coolsites of the Week

  • Code Combat – Role playing, programming, swords, Python, heroes, Javascript … Coffescript too? You’re welcome!
  • Math Playground - Play cool math games with (or against) your teacher, friends, or even a penguin!

Podcast Only Song of the Week

“Nice Guys” by Niga Higa!
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