Ep 400 – Verizon’s Paul Ulreich
October 17, 2015
Ep 403 – It’s A TechTalk Halloween (Again)!
November 6, 2015

Ep 401 – XFINITY Sports and Apps with Preston Smalley

SHOW SUMMARY - Preston Smalley takes a break from Comcast X1 app development to share what they are doing today, and how you can keep watching the Cubs (or Bears, or BlackHawks) WITHOUT risking your marriage!

News Items

  • Holllly Cooowwwwww! Go Cubs!
  • Back to the Future week is here!
  • Twitter laying off folks

Jay “Geek Trivia” Garmon Trivia Answer

When did FORTRAN stop requiring all capital letters in it’s command structure?

Coolsites of the Week

  • XFinity.com – Start here to find out what you’ve been missing!
  • StudioXFinity.com – Get location and service information from the Chicago flagship, make an appointment, sign up for a demo, and more!

Podcast Only Song of the Week

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