Ep 369 – A Very Voldemort Christmas!
December 18, 2014
Ep 371 – Prognostications and Prevarications for 2015!
January 9, 2015

Ep 370 – “The Interview” With Joe Oddo!

TOPIC:  We talk a lot about Sony and “The Interview”, but we also have a GREAT talk with Joe Oddo of Verizon Wireless about the latest and greatest mobile devices for your holiday shopping!  Joe comes in-studio to break down the questions you should ask when you are in the store - and what questions you should be asking yourself before even leaving the house!

Mike finishes up by predicting 1,000,000 illegal downloads of “The Interview” by January 15th, and then Jay Garmon asks us a very well timed geek trivia question:

What percentage of the Earth’s population tuned in to the Apollo 8 Christmas Eve broadcast?

We don’t have many, but a few themed app usage coolsites for the shopping season seem appropriate:

  • RetailMeNot app – Use this app to check deals around you as well as online before you buy!
  • Trello – Keep a list, check it twice … never forget what you’re out there buying!
  • Google Keep – Like a cross between evernote, onenote, and trello, Google makes it easy to track what you’re doing and any information you need at hand to make your holiday season as organized and enjoyable as possible!

Have wonderful Christmas and New Years this year … and to kick that off you can rock to some very metal XMas with Bob River’s “I Am Santa Claus!” (to the tune of “I Am Iron Man”)

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