Ep 367 – Dave is In Da House!
December 3, 2014
Ep 369 – A Very Voldemort Christmas!
December 18, 2014

Ep 368 – Apollo 17 to Star Wars, Everything’s Coming Up Womp Rats!

TOPIC:  It’s a tough week for movies and TV with Sony hacked and CBS and Dish battling it out (guess who loses that fight? Hint: it’s neither of them!) Jay and I also have a great time discussing how Stephen Hawking uses Swiftkey programming to recreate his communications and – OF COURSE – we get deep into the first Star Wars trailer!

Don’t miss this geek trivia question from Jay Garmon:

What other vertebrates were also “along for the ride” on the Apollo 17 mission?

Not a lot of time, but we do sneak one cool site of the week in:

  • Google Express – Can’t get what you want from Amazon Prime, or don’t want to pay their premium? Now you can get same day and next day delivery on items you buy via Google shopping! Note that this is not offered everywhere yet (we don’t get it north of Chicago yet, but if you’re in a major city you might be covered).

Great, rocking little tune “Get Free” by Major Lazer will finish us off!

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