Ep 366 – Shopping Smart with TechTalk!
November 27, 2014
Ep 368 – Apollo 17 to Star Wars, Everything’s Coming Up Womp Rats!
December 10, 2014

Ep 367 – Dave is In Da House!

TOPIC:  That’s right, Dave “Sparky” Saganaki makes it across the border to join us in studio!  That means crystal clear Dave all day long … and some great conversation!  We cover exciting new happenings in the world of Microsoft, competing head-to-head with Google by offering unlimited storage and “cheapbooks” coming out.  We also touch on security, Facebook misinformation, and what you can do this holiday season to help your tech challenged friends and family out (because you KNOW it’s going to happen)!

Speaking of Facebook misinformation, if there’s one tip you take away with you from our show this week, it’s to always – ALWAYS – look questionable stuff up by using some googlefu.  Add “site:snopes.com” to the end of any key words to find out what’s junk and what’s legit on the web this week!

No geek trivia, but some GREAT coolsites of the week!

  • Comodo Antivirus – One of the key apps you’ll need to help your relatives out with all their tech needs this season!
  • Revo Uninstaller – Don’t forget to keep this perennial favorite on your thumb drive too of course.
  • Radio Paradise Streaming App – A great Internet station, with a fantastic app for your mobile device too!
  • HabitRPG – Gamify your life, make – or break – habits at the same time you level up!

The podcast only song this week is designed to get you geeked up for Christmas this year – Fountains of Wayne, “I Want an Alien for Christmas”

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