Ep 365 – Mike “Goes There” with Verizon!
November 19, 2014
Ep 367 – Dave is In Da House!
December 3, 2014

Ep 366 – Shopping Smart with TechTalk!

TOPIC:  Some really cool stuff is happening, with Google identifying what’s going on in your pictures, everyone giving away free terrabytes of storage, and there’s now a drone kiss-cam at TGIFriday’s (at least in the UK) … but of course what everyone REALLY wants to know is how to pay the lowest price this holiday shopping season – so here are our picks for best mobile apps to help you get teh dealz:

  • Walmart Savings Catcher – Use the mobile app to check prices in real time, or you can even wait until you get home and scan the receipt!
  • Amazon Scan App - NEVER wonder if you could have gotten that item cheaper online again, just scan the barcode and you can check out pricing and online reviews, and even purchase it immediately from your phone!
  • ShopForKids App – Get reviews, warnings, and competitive pricing for all your kid and baby gifts this season!  Available for both Android and iOS

And we throw a few “regular” coolsites of the week for good measure too!

  • Wikiwand – Turns those dry, boring wikipedia pages into sweet digital encyclopedias!
  • Netflix Roulette – Tired of relying on Netflix’s boring or confusing picks for you?  Pick a genre and spin the wheel to find some new flicks to watch!

Enjoy our podcast only song of the week “Struggle” by Ringside!

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