Ep 364 – Verizon’s Joe Oddo Gets (a little) Mobile!
November 13, 2014
Ep 366 – Shopping Smart with TechTalk!
November 27, 2014

Ep 365 – Mike “Goes There” with Verizon!

TOPIC:  The Mag Mile got a little more magnificent this week with the addition of the Verizon destination store – and TechTalk got a special media invite to check it out for you! Mike managed to get the – slightly shocked – admiration of Verizon staff by being the only guest at the drone demo platform to ask the question “how do I sneak this thing around so I can spy on people?”

Before that, BigMarker CEO Zhu-Seong Mei bought Mike a Sandwich Cubano downtown, and gave a special scoop on their new digs – and new partnership with TechWeek in LA for FREE BigMarker access to this amazing conference!

There’s far too much talk about Kim Kardashian’s butt, which we don’t miss a chance to bring Jay Garmon on to talk about – but he does also weigh in on the whole “using drones to spy” debate, answers last week’s question and give us this one to chew on:

How long did Microsoft continue support of Windows 1.0?

And we finish off with a rousing rendition – and homage to Kim Khardasian’s attempt to “break the Internet” with Butter’s “What What In The Butt”!

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