Ep 363 – Kiplinger’s John Miley Talks Mobile Pay
November 6, 2014
Ep 365 – Mike “Goes There” with Verizon!
November 19, 2014

Ep 364 – Verizon’s Joe Oddo Gets (a little) Mobile!

TOPIC:  Joe Oddo joins us in-studio today to talk mobile devices, and how to make that tough decision about which one you should get for your pocket!  Unfortunately, Mike, Dave, and Jay are so chatty we barely let Joe get a word in edgewise! There’s a lot of news, a lot of great geek trivia, but a LOT less Joe than we wanted so he’ll be coming back next month!

Speaking of geek trivia, try this one on for size:

What was the connection speed of the world’s first Internet router?

As an extra bonus, you get to listen to us try to decide:

If you could only pick one OS (Windows, iOS, Chrome, Linux, etc.) for all your devices, which would it be?

A surprisingly difficult question to answer, that results in some very surprising answers!

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