Ep 362 – Randy Freiburger of Ford’s Police and Ambulance Tech
October 30, 2014
Ep 364 – Verizon’s Joe Oddo Gets (a little) Mobile!
November 13, 2014

Ep 363 – Kiplinger’s John Miley Talks Mobile Pay

TOPIC:  We’ve been hitting this topic hard the last several weeks or so, but now we’ve got someone on who really knows something about it!  John Miley from Kiplinger’s letter joins us today for a great post-Halloween show where we get into the down and dirty about Apple Pay, Google Wallet, NFC, and how trusting your phone with your ID could change a whole lot more than just how to pay for that latte!

Jay Garmon provides a sad but appropriate shout out to our brave men and women in space with this question:

How many pilots in total have been killed in space training missions?

We even get some cool sites and a podcast only song of the week in!

  • Digital Dudz – Add a realistic beating heart or third eye to your costume next year with this free phone app.
  • @johntmiley – Follow John for more great stuff!
  • Kiplinger’s – Updates and future looks at how the technology of today will make our lives better, or at least different, tomorrow!

Blast from the past sound with Cut Copy’s “Let Me Show You Love” – enjoy!

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