Ep 360 – Apple Pay is On It’s Way!
October 16, 2014
Ep 362 – Randy Freiburger of Ford’s Police and Ambulance Tech
October 30, 2014

Ep 361 – PHP Hack? Yes Sir, May I Have Another?

TOPIC:  “NOT fun” … that’s how Mike describes his last 7-10 days of working through a brutal and frustrating (and surprisingly dumb) PHP injection hack on our website.  He shares some of that experience – and a few tips to avoid it yourself – in a very deep tech episode of TechTalk!  Shouts out by the way to our hosting provider, DreamHosters, who did a great job of alerting us to the issue and providing enough information that we could sort it out.

(BTW if you sign up for a website at DreamHosters, use the TechTalkWRLR promo code and you will get $10 off the first year, or $25 off if you go for two! That’s more than 15% off, just for listening to our show)

We also talk a little about the Ebola problem, and where you can get more information on your phone:

  • About Ebola – This app is exactly as advertised … info and science about Ebola, plus a quiz or two to make sure you’re paying attention!
  • Ebola Plague, the game – I’m not linking you to this one, because yuck. In so many ways, just yuck.

To top it off, Justin comes in for a HearthStone “Kids Talk Tech” and dances around to “Lady Java” from the Java Zone!

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