Ep 357 – College Bound AND Chromebook Carrying?
September 1, 2014
Ep 359 – BigMarker CEO Zhu-song Mei!
October 10, 2014

Ep 358 – AdBlock Plus Lowdown with Ben Williams!

TOPIC:  Frustrated with pop-ups, pop-unders, pre-load video ads and more? Worried about inadvertently clicking an ad and winding up in a malware vector site? Today we talk with Ben Williams of AdBlock Plus, arguable the most effective, respected, easiest to use and free-est ad blocker plugin and extension out there!

As an added tech bonus, Mike earns some sort of badge by coordinating a call from a Canadian visiting Panama City (that would be our intrepid co-host and world explorer Dave “Sparky” Saganaki), geek trivia and related great stuff from Louisville resident Jay Garmon, and successfully brings our interviewee in from Germany – all at the same time!

Speaking of geek trivia:

46 years ago this week, the Soviet spacecraft Zond 5 was the first to accomplish a feat often wrongly attributed to the Apollo program. What important spaceflight first did Zond 5 accomplish?

On the coolsites watch today, we’re going to direct you this way:

A truly podcast only podcast only song of the week is the super nerdy, java loving “Java Life” rap from Oracle!

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