Ep 356 – All Your Credit Cards Are Belong to Us!
August 25, 2014
Ep 358 – AdBlock Plus Lowdown with Ben Williams!
September 18, 2014

Ep 357 – College Bound AND Chromebook Carrying?

TOPIC:  Yes, it’s possible – and even recommended (given the right circumstances)! Listen this week to find out why Mike believes a chromebook and chromecast dongle may be all you need for your kid’s college tech investment as they head to school this year.

Even though we’re all about the Chromebook loving this week, we do have some good things to share about Windows 9, try not to scare yu too much about security this week and then even have time for some awesome cool Sites of the Week:

  • Tasker – Make your (android) phone do ANYTHING you want! Really … if you can dream it, it’s possible!
  • Hubspot Signals – Get info on companies, track emails sent and read, and more with this freemium app.  Just the email opening and tracking functionality alone is worth the price of admission for us!
  • Sunrise – A better calendar. Really … and yes, it’s worth checking out even if you love your current calendar!

Mellow podcast only song of the week this week is St. Lucia’s “All Eyes on You”!

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