Off Topic – “Ticket to Ride” Stats Sheet
June 24, 2014
Ep 353 – Google’s I/O Conference with Roya Soleimani
July 7, 2014

Ep 352 – Mike and Dave, Kids and a Puppy Too!

TOPIC:  Just little ol’ Dave and me, and that’s all right! Very few technical issues means lots of great tech talk …

We first preview our upcoming Google I/O interview and discussion, and reminisce about the 80’s and who else was stuck carrying around a “Trappist Keeper” because they couldn’t afford the real deal.  A bunch of other interesting stuff comes up too, like the sad but totally expected death of Aereo (and how easy it is to cut the TV cables now anyways)!

We also get an awesome Kids Talk Tech segment from Justin, who shares with us his love of “Flappy Golf”  … a game that the whole family got addicted to for quite a while – just before being knocked over by the station puppy!

No Coolsites of the Week this week, but a great mellow version of Heartbeats by “The Knife” for all you podcast only listeners.

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