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June 6, 2014
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Off Topic – “Ticket to Ride” Stats Sheet

downloadTOPIC:  Every once in a while, we like to break away from the purely digital entertainment thing and throw down with a little old-school, analog board gaming.  One of our house favorites for some time now has been the outstanding “Ticket to Ride” series by Days of Wonder.  The only problem with analog? It totally doesn’t fulfill my deep-seated, nearly compulsive need for detailed statistics and progress tracking.


To take care of that little problem, I’ve created this Fully Automated Single Game + Long-Term Stat Tracker Google Sheet template that is free and open for anyone to download and use.  Since it’s Google, you should be able to use it online, in your browser, and even on mobile devices (though I haven’t tested that).  It does use some javascript macros to perform specific functions, so you’ll have to give authorization for those to run. The scripts are all visible though, so you can check and see what they do. And yes, I know my variable naming conventions are tErrible.


This started out really as a “proof of concept” of what was possible in Google Sheets, but in the end was nearly as much fun to create and get “just so” as it is to play the game itself! Anyone who has played TTR will immediately see the value in not having to chase little wooden pieces around the floor while playing, double and triple-checking people’s addition, or verifying that all of the trains are still present either on the board or in a bag – this sheet will do all of that for you. It also includes a few of what I considered the most relevant graphs and charts.


I invite you to check it out, download it, change it, make suggestions and comments … I’d love to hear your input and see if it can be improved!


  • If the link inline above does not work, try copying and pasting this into your browser bar:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aihqewrs7Ds6dGJLS0dlZDBUSU1aZUNDNWRMeEtTcGc&usp=sharing
  • Alternatively, it also exists in the Google Template miniverse, and can be found with a search on “Ticket to Ride” or via this link:  https://drive.google.com/templates?q=ticket+to+ride&view=public

Either way, thanks for checking it out and if you do use it, let me know!

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