Ep. 348 – Artkick’s Stephen Kahn!
May 7, 2014
Ep 350 – Dave S. in Da House!
May 28, 2014

Ep 349 – Strikingly CEO David Chen!

TOPIC:  Are you one of the millions of people looking for a job, and not sure if your paper resume, LinkedIn profile and friendly cover letter are doing the trick? Join us today as we talk to David Chen from Strikingly! He tells us about the Strikingly service and how it  provides a beautiful online resume for you to share, or an easy way to create a full website without that cookie cutter look.

We dish on Beats, talk about sex offender apps, and more, but really most of that is just marking time until good friend Jay Garmon shows up to provide this awesome question of the week:

What was the first Internet browser that supported tabbed browsing?

Coolsites of the week are back and as awesome as ever!

  • FamilyWatchdog.us – Enter your address or city and get an interactive map so you can be forewarned!
  • Friend Verifier App for Facebook – This app will scan your facebook friends, compare them against a national database and let you know if any of them have been forced to register.
  • Strikingly – What we’re talking about!
  • Strikingly LinkedIn OneClick – Automagically pulls your LinkedIn profile and creates a beautiful, interactive and editable online resume for you!

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