Ep. 345 – Live, From Louisville @ConGlomeration !
April 18, 2014
Ep. 347 – Dr. Les Johnson and Ookla the Mok!
April 30, 2014

Ep. 346 – Heartbleed, Cheap Fonts and More!

TOPIC:  Great show today, Dave “Sparky” Saganaki and Mike recap the ConGlomeration experience, and then jump into a rousing discussion about security, more companies accidentally sharing your credit card data, and of course the Heartbleed bug (NOT virus) and what you should do to protect yourself.

In fact, as promised here’s some great sites to go to and find out more:

  • First, read this great article from C|Net about the steps you should take.
  • Wondering about a specific site? Type it in here at LastPass and see if it’s still affected!
  • And of course, you should make sure you change your passwords AND have unique passwords for all web sites you regularly go to.  Our perennial password storage tool is KeePass, but any one will do!

We also get into fonts and saving money by changing them, or reusing ink cartridges, mainly because there was no Jay Garmon this week!  Of course, no Jay also means time for some great Cool App of the Week:

  • AlarmPad - Android app that’s way better than what you’re using! Set the alarm, and it will tell you the weather, time, events, and anything else you want to type in there!  Free and fun 🙂

Of course we just couldn’t resist putting a little Ookla the Mok in your ear before we go, with their Mwahaha as the podcast only song of the week!

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