Ep 343 – RedDevil 4, Metacognition, and More with Dr. Eric Leuthardt!
April 2, 2014
Ep. 345 – Live, From Louisville @ConGlomeration !
April 18, 2014

Ep 344 – Chromium, Cellphones, and ConGlomeration!

TOPIC:  I promise, it only seems like most of the show is spent talking about how excited we are to be heading to Louisville next week! There’s still ample opportunity for us to complain about failing laptops, share tales of how easy it is to install and use a flashdrive Chromium OS boot to create a bespoke Chromebook, and discuss the relative merits of pure Android.  Not to mention our ongoing discussion of the loss of XP support and how Windows 8.1 is looking better and better every day!

Jay joins us too, talks about presentation philosophy, answers last week’s trivia and gives us this new one:

What was the mark-up Steve Jobs added over break-even cost of the original Apple 1?

Not much time for coolsites, but if you are looking to do a Chromium install, check out these sites:

  • Hexxeh’s Vanilla Chrome – The original Chromium site, with very easy to use instruction to get you running right away.  Note that the builds here are quite old however, and are not being updated.  For more current builds, go to:
  • Arnold The Bat – Very active site dedicated to providing the newest builds, and help people to use it! Supports 64bit builds and desktop installs.

Next week, you’ll be listening to us straight from @ConGlomeration convention in Louisville!  Tune in live at www.wrlr.fm or via the links at http://facebook.com/techtalkwrlr

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