Ep 342 – Charity Miles Founder Gene Gurkoff!
March 27, 2014
Ep 344 – Chromium, Cellphones, and ConGlomeration!
April 9, 2014

Ep 343 – RedDevil 4, Metacognition, and More with Dr. Eric Leuthardt!

TOPIC:  Who are you? And what happens to that “you” when we start using technology to enhance our memory – or can insert new thoughts and memories into that “you”, intentionally or not? Expert neurosurgeon, neuroprostheticist, author and inventor Dr. Eric Leuthardt spends time with us exploring these questions and more! His intense new book, RedDevil 4 is set in a near-future world where these questions – and the difficult, sometimes frightening answers – are not hypothetical but all too real!

Jay Garmon joins us too, and we chat a little about ConGlomeration of course before he presents this week’s awesome Geek Trivia:

What work of fiction is credited with coming up with the concept of the first VR goggles?

Looking for more? You can find out about our topic and guest today here:

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