Ep 340 – Yik Yak Yuck!
March 12, 2014
Ep 342 – Charity Miles Founder Gene Gurkoff!
March 27, 2014

Ep 341 – And You Thought YOU Had Tech Problems?

TOPIC: ¬†Intermittent WiFi and Internet drops, no Skype service, occasionally garbled audio and a completely bemused and confounded host (well, moreso than normal anyways) doesn’t stop the show from going on! ¬†We may not have the option to call the POTUS directly, as our good friend Mark “Facebook” Zuckerberg does, but we wind up with a pretty darn good show anyways.

Both Dave Sanocki and Jay Garmon joining us for some high tech talk to get our minds out of the low-tech morass of a show we descended into! Jay even pulls this great question out for the week:

What was the most watched PBS show in history? (hint: it’s not Cosmos)

On Kids Talk Tech this week, Justin and Olivia share their undying love of Dr. Who – in 3 minutes or less! Can you guess who their favorite Doctor is?


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