Ep 340 – Yik Yak Yuck!
March 12, 2014
Ep 342 – Charity Miles Founder Gene Gurkoff!
March 27, 2014

Ep 341 – And You Thought YOU Had Tech Problems?

TOPIC:  Intermittent WiFi and Internet drops, no Skype service, occasionally garbled audio and a completely bemused and confounded host (well, moreso than normal anyways) doesn’t stop the show from going on!  We may not have the option to call the POTUS directly, as our good friend Mark “Facebook” Zuckerberg does, but we wind up with a pretty darn good show anyways.

Both Dave Sanocki and Jay Garmon joining us for some high tech talk to get our minds out of the low-tech morass of a show we descended into! Jay even pulls this great question out for the week:

What was the most watched PBS show in history? (hint: it’s not Cosmos)

On Kids Talk Tech this week, Justin and Olivia share their undying love of Dr. Who – in 3 minutes or less! Can you guess who their favorite Doctor is?


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