Ep 339 – Zach Sharpe, Pinball Wizard!
March 9, 2014
Ep 341 – And You Thought YOU Had Tech Problems?
March 20, 2014

TOPIC:  We have lots of time to explore the fun – and danger – of anonymous chat and texting apps like Yik Yak, and also get into a deep dive on the hows and whys of Uber and other “alternative” ways to get to where you’re going!

Lots of Coolistes of the Week this week, surrounding the many things we talked about and more!

  • RelayRides – Leave your car at the airport, and make money at the same time! Or, get a cheap ride wherever you go by borrowing someone else’s car!
  • Uber – Always wanted to be a cab driver, but regulations, safety, and insurance all got in the way? Not an issue anymore with Uber!
  • Cogi – Cool and free app of the week that allows you to record conversations, lectures, and more to save, highlight and share with a tap of your finger. The best thing is, it saves the last minute of recording at all times so you never miss an important point because you forgot to start recording!

Kids Talk Tech Justin talks about the series “Survive! Inside The Human Body” a Korean Mangha-style comic biology book that brings science and medicine to kids in a very engaging and exciting way!

Podcast only song of the week is “Dvno” by Justice!

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