Ep 338: Privacy, Legality, and Property Law with Alex Montagu!
February 25, 2014
Ep 340 – Yik Yak Yuck!
March 12, 2014

Ep 339 – Zach Sharpe, Pinball Wizard!

TOPIC:  Zach Sharpe, literal pinball wizard and number 2 ranked player IN THE WORLD comes on-air this week to talk pinball tourneys, history, and strategy!  Never enough time of course, but he does give us some great links for more info and where you can go to get involved in some local tournaments today!

  • PAPA – Professional and Amateur Pinball Association site has videos, tutorials, and lots of tourney news.
  • IFPA Pinball – International Flipper Pinball Association website, with all sorts of great info, news, rankings and more!
  • Pinfinder – An app for your iPhone that will help you hunt down those elusive pins!

Jay Garmon also provides us with his usual awesome trivia for all you triv geeks out there:

What other event celebrated it’s anniversary on the release date of the Sinclair ZX81 (3/5/1981)?

Jay also gave us a phenomenal writeup as we are the Featured Media Guests at this year’s Conglomeration sci-fi/fantasy/gaming/fan con! Join us in April for what promises to be a great weekend http://conglomeration.info – hope to see you there!

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