Ep 337: Solar Powered Cars a Near Reality at Ford
February 16, 2014
Ep 339 – Zach Sharpe, Pinball Wizard!
March 9, 2014

Ep 338: Privacy, Legality, and Property Law with Alex Montagu!

TOPIC:  Internationally acclaimed intellectual property lawyer and good friend of the show Alexandre Montagu discusses how our laws and public understanding have yet to catch up with the ever-shifting reality of privacy, property, and legislative boundaries in the era of Big Data … it’s a fascinating talk, and one that helps make sense of Snowden, the NSA, data collection and theft, Google, and more!

Before that we cover the usual roundup of daily news, and Jay Garmon comes on with this great question:

What planet has the harshest relative winter in the solar system?

Find out more about Alex Montagu and his book with these links:

Also, in case you hadn’t heard, the entire TechTalk team will likely be down in Louisville, KY for a special live and remote broadcast of the show at this year’s Conglomeration sci-fi/fantasy/gaming/fan con! Join us in April for what promises to be a great weekend http://conglomeration.info – hope to see you there!

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