Ep. 335 – My Quantified Radio Self
February 5, 2014
Ep 337: Solar Powered Cars a Near Reality at Ford
February 16, 2014

Ep 336: Top 7 Reasons Booth Babes Won’t Talk to You (or Me!)

TOPIC: Mike and Dave spend waaay too long opining about our relative levels of inability to strike up conversation – or even break through the 1,000 yard stare – of booth babes at the auto show, before kicking into some actual, real, tech talk … sadly, this may be due to Jay Garmon giving us the slip this week.

That does give us tons of time for a great Kids Talk Tech segment with special guest Olivia – she breaks down “High School Story” on her Google Nexus, sharing how this can really help those stressed out adolescents regain control over their daily lives!  Plus one great coolsite this week:

  • HumbleBundle – Pay what you want for great games, books, and music every week!

Stay through to the end for the podcast only song, a great one called “Flaggin a Ride” by the Divine Fits!

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