Ep. 334 – Hartmut Esslinger on Tech Design and “Keep It Simple”
January 30, 2014
Ep 336: Top 7 Reasons Booth Babes Won’t Talk to You (or Me!)
February 10, 2014

Ep. 335 – My Quantified Radio Self

TOPIC: Mike takes the “quantified self” concept one step forward (or maybe back) with his own, old-school quantified drive as we talk about bad weather and worse drivers! Also, great news as Chi-fi is resurrected and going to the surprisingly spacious Palmer House. We barely have a moment free, with Google selling Motorola mobility, and picking up Nest but somehow find time for Jay Garmon to ask this great question of the week:

What is the single location on the Earth that has the most Facebook check-ins?

You want coolsites? Gosh we’ve got lots of coolsites and will definitely bring you some someday again (just not today)!

We do get in a great podcast only song of the week though … “Kicking me Out of the Band” by Sean Nelson!

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