Ep. 333 – Talk About Target Tech Being Targeted!
January 25, 2014
Ep. 335 – My Quantified Radio Self
February 5, 2014

Ep. 334 – Hartmut Esslinger on Tech Design and “Keep It Simple”

TOPIC: Hartmut Esslinger may not be a name that rolls off the tip of your tongue in the same breath as Steve Jobs, Apple Computers, Trinitron TV’s, or defining the evolving design paradigms in technology over the last 50 years – but it should be! Founder of Frogdesign, intimate collaborator and friend of Steve Jobs, Mr. Esslinger shares his wealth of insight and experience with us in this phenomenal interview.

Not to be outdone, Jay Garmon joins us and continues on our Google-themed trivia line.

How long after Google Mail (GMail) went out of beta did they have their first outage?

If you are looking for more about Hartmut,  Frogdesign, or an insight into Apple and Steve Jobs’ creative design process, we can’t recommend more highly that you take a look at these books:

  • Keep It Simple – Detailed and intimate look at the evolution of design at Apple, complete with over 380 illustrations showing the creative design process of Apple’s iconic devices.
  • Design Forward –  This earlier book of Mr. Esslinger’s explains how strategic design in business and society can – and indeed must – bring about positive change through innovative creativity.

We leave you then with the podcast only song of the week … “Hit Me Down Sonny” by the Ting Tings!

NOTE:  Apologies to our listeners, but Jay and Dave’s speech is somewhat garbled; that is a fault on our end and there is no need to adjust your speakers 🙁

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