Ep. 332 – The Prolix, Prolific Pontiff of the Portmanteau!
January 16, 2014
Ep. 334 – Hartmut Esslinger on Tech Design and “Keep It Simple”
January 30, 2014

Ep. 333 – Talk About Target Tech Being Targeted!

TOPIC:  Yes, Target was targeted by those nasty fellows looking for your credit and debit card numbers, but who else? And what can or should you do about it? Listen in and get the unique TechTalk take on the matter!

Jay Garmon joins us for the show, and we spend a good amount of time complaining about how the “freaks” at Chi-Fi got kicked out of their Chicago venue this year … except I think I know who the real freaks are, and it isn’t the cosplayers from Chi-Fi!  Jay gives us this great one to think about next week too:

What was the largest purchase by Google of a company that was not a hardware company?

Kids Talk Tech this week from Justin is all about the five star QuizUp social trivia game for iOS!

No way any time for coolsites of the week this week, so you’ll just have to listen to our podcast only song of the week “More Than Life” by Whitley!

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