Ep. 330 – Whose Birthday comes on Christmas?
January 3, 2014
Ep. 332 – The Prolix, Prolific Pontiff of the Portmanteau!
January 16, 2014

TOPIC:  That’s right, this is “Not Just Another TechTalk”! We’ve got Paul Ulreich back in studio, an abnormally clear link to our Canadian cohost Dave “Sparky” Saganaki, and have a great time talking about what wonderful gadgety goodness we got for ourselves or our family this holiday season!  Some of the better ones included:

Of course our good friend Jay Garmon joins us and provides this great piece of geek trivia:

What was the first piece of wearable technology that included a modern micro-processor?

We also get another great “Kids Talk Tech” with Justin trying to pick his top game from his “short list” of 13 games, but picks the “BandStars” and “Mystery Crime Scene” iOS apps (both by manufacturer TeamLava) as the best of the bunch!

Other coolsites of the week include:

  • Forecast.io – Wonderful, informative weather app with trends, radar, daily and weekly forecasts!
  • Meetways – Need to meet someone halfway? This app will help you do it, and make sure you get some coffee too!
  • Fax-o-rama – Free faxing, not many pages, but enough to get that one-off done!
  • Brain Pickings – Lots of really interesting info and videos, stuff to get you lost for hours!

We end it all with the mellow song of the week “Kicking Me out of the Band” by Sean Nelson!

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