Ep. 329 – China Digs a Hole … to the Moon!
December 17, 2013
Ep. 331 – NJATT
January 12, 2014

Ep. 330 – Whose Birthday comes on Christmas?

TOPIC:  Mike talks about the trip to MN, braving the arctic cold, bemoans our lack of post production, and Dave shares with us an amazing story for 2014; 3D liver creation for individuals in need of transplants!  We also spend some time taking a look at the year in review, and revealing our favorite tech gifts we received this season.

It wouldn’t be a complete show without Jay Garmon providing us this mindbender of course, and an appropriately timed one at that:

What is the only Times Square New Years’ ball drop that the drop did not occur in 60 seconds?  (HINT: Does not include the 2 times it was skipped during war time)

Coolsites of the week include:

Mike’s pick for top coolsites of the year are:

  • TabApp – Makes splitting the restaurant bill easy!
  • NavFree USA – Old phone with GPS and wifi but no 3G, 4G or any other G? Use it for getting around, free!

We end with a verrrry special song of the week for WRLR owner Bish Krywko, who happens to share his birthday with this most festive time of year – Spike Jones’ “My Birthday Comes on Christmas”

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