Ep. 328 – Turn That Light Off, it’s Stealing My Identity!
December 12, 2013
Ep. 330 – Whose Birthday comes on Christmas?
January 3, 2014

Ep. 329 – China Digs a Hole … to the Moon!

TOPIC:  Weather woes force us to miss out on Nick Brous and his Shakespearean insight (though we try to fake it for a while)  – but stay tuned in a few weeks when we bring him back! And then we get down to business. China lands on the moon, Dave comes up with some great new names for Uranus, and Yahoo! mail is down!

Plus, Dave tries to start an OS flame war for Christmas to make up for Jay Garmon being absent too, and then give us a new tag line for the show “So lame, not even the NSA listens”!  Awwww ….

Our cool sites of the week:

  • Mummify.it – Freeze a web page, twitter feed, or anything else on the web for posterity on Mummify’s servers!
  • CharityMiles.org – Select different charities you want to donate to as you walk, bike, or run! Costs you nothing but your poor health to help out those needier than you!

Finishing it all off is the holiday special song of the week Chiron Beta Prime by Jonathon Coulton!

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