Ep. 326 – Where oh Where has my Winamp Gone?
November 30, 2013
Ep. 328 – Turn That Light Off, it’s Stealing My Identity!
December 12, 2013

Ep. 327 – It’s Kimchi on Turkey and a Kalbe Taco for Thanksgiving!

TOPIC:  Mike almost loses control railing against the evils of the aggressively ignorant anti-vaxxers Jenny McCarthy and Rob Schneider, but somehow manages to bring it back down to earth and talk about Google glass, “OK Google” for chrome, and why everyone needs a little Kimchi with their turkey, or Kalbe in their burrito this season!

Jay Garmon give us his usual phenomenal brain bender, asking:

How many nodes were in the original version of the Internet (ARPANET), which came into being 50 years ago this week?

On “Kids Talk Tech” this week Justin tells us the ins and outs of Clumsy Ninja, and then we close out with the perfect Black Friday, podcast only song of the week “Cheap and Cheerful” by the Kills!

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