Ep. 325 – SnapChatting the Night Away!
November 22, 2013
Ep. 327 – It’s Kimchi on Turkey and a Kalbe Taco for Thanksgiving!
December 8, 2013

Ep. 326 – Where oh Where has my Winamp Gone?

TOPIC:  Good friend Paul Ulreich comes out again and – after a ton of time covering the death of winamp, wondering about shoutcast, and waxing nostalgic about old school console and coin-op games with Jay Garmon – tells us about how Verizon helped local residents get connected after the incredible tornado destruction in Central Illinois this last month. Talking about Jay, after the questionable recommendation that we spatchcock our turkey, he comes out with his usual awesome Geek Trivia question:

What shopping day generates the most revenue each year (hint: it’s not Black Friday or Cyber Monday!)?

“Kids Talk Tech” this week Justin gives his highest rating to the iOS app “Mystery Room”!

Podcast only song of the week is the Thanksgivvikappropriate “Cold Turkey” by Lenny Kravitz!

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