Ep. 321 – Fakebook Faker Dave Cicirelli
October 2, 2013
Ep. 323 – How I Got Gameboy Back
November 7, 2013

Ep. 322 – New Segment “Kids Talk Tech”!

TOPIC:  Just Dave and Mike this time, but we have fun talking Health Care, timetracker (or should we say deathtracker) watches, and more!

Jay Garmon can’t be with us this week, but 11 year Justin comes on for the first of our new series of “Kids Talk Tech” – suggestions for better names can be sent to techtalk@wrlr.fm 🙂

Justin’s app of choice this week is called Plague Inc. and he gives it his highest rating!

  • Plague, Inc. – Direct link to the Google Play download page.  Highly recommended by Justin!
  • Great Big Wargame – Dave’s pick for a fun video game, sounds like it has lots of gameplay in store for you wargaming grognards!
  • MusicBee – Dave’s pick of the week is a great iTunes replacement that includes automation and MP3 tag cleanup!
  • Shazam – On your mobile device, listens to music you hear and tells you what it is and where to get it!

The podcast only song of the week this week is “What the Fox Says” by Ylvis!

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