Ep. 314 – Talking Tesla!
July 23, 2013
Ep. 316 – Neal Adams at Fan Expo Canada!
August 28, 2013

Ep. 315 – ReviverSoft (Audio Missing)


TOPIC:  Gack! Twice in the last 7+ years we have recorded a phenomenal interview, and then lost it.  This is time #2.  So you won’t have the opportunity to join myself and Steve “MoneyPlanSOS” Stewart as we talk to good friend Mark Beare about his company ReviverSoft and the very cool info and apps that he’s providing there.  You should go straight to their website, but before then check this great YouTube video out … it can’t match the awesomeness of live chat the TechTalk show, but what kind of a standard is that anyways? 🙂

 ReviverSoft Video “Love your computer again!”

Believe it or not we even had some fantastic coolsites, not just from Mark, but Steve as well!  Check these out:

  • YesYouCanPodcastToo.com – Think you can do a better job than us? Well, I can pretty much guarantee it!  Steve is there to help too … a veteran ‘caster himself this site will help you put together the basics of a successful podcast.  Steve brought this to us as an exclusive!
  • Heard – an app, not a website, this (creepy?) little thing perpetually records all conversation and ambient audio through the iphone mic in 5 minute blocks that you can save, go back to and listen to again, share, whatever you want!  The NSA can eat their heart out!
  • ReviverSoft – “Love your computer again!” is the motto of ReviverSoft … if things are going slow, you hate your windows 8 (lack of) start button, or have any other tech and PC questions just log in and ask away!  Chances are your common issues already have an answer and video associated, but if not – send an email to them and they’ll set you up right

Podcast only song of the week you’d have to find on your own anyways, so I’m not even going to bother!  Listen to your favorite David Byrne and get back to me 😉

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