Ep. 312 – Can I use my Verizon Galaxy S4 on a Plane? In a Train?
June 26, 2013
Ep. 314 – Talking Tesla!
July 23, 2013

Ep. 313 – Oh, Canada!

TOPIC:  We have a great time this week deciding whether to celebrate 4th of July or Canada Day with Dave, and then some good old-school traditional TechTalk! Nothing fancy, but lots of tech news, views, reviews,  and even some time with good friend Jay Garmon who gives us a two-parter!

What was the first “platform” video game created, and … what gameplay dynamic did Donkey Kong add to make it the first “true” platform style game?

We even have time for some great coolsites of the week this week:

  • Life360 – GPS location mapping, private chats and more just for you and your family on their smartphones!
  • 50 Top ELearning Courses – Learn something new this week, come here to find the best places on the web!

Another great podcast only song of the week – “Truth” by Alexander!

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