Ep. 310 – Talking Trek with Jeanne Wolf and the Saturday Evening Post!
June 3, 2013
Ep. 312 – Can I use my Verizon Galaxy S4 on a Plane? In a Train?
June 26, 2013

Ep. 311 – AVG talks NSA, and the FB is all #narcissisism!

TOPIC: Curious about what the NSA is up to, and what – if anything – you can do about it?  Siobhan MacDermott, Chief Policy Officer for AVG joins us for a rousing, and sometimes downright frightening, discussion about your security and privacy!

As if that wasn’t enough, we also have a blast talking with Dave about whether Facebook is just a haven for Mike and Jay narcissists, or if there’s some good to be had out there. We also touch on the PS4 vs. XBox One competition (but just look, Sony’s got three – extra – numbers in their system!).  Jay Garmon also brings us the answer to last week’s frightening trivia and this awesome new one:

What was the first US patent granted on something extracted from human physiology?

Get your minds out of the gutter, there’s “absolutely nothing perverse” about the answer according to Jay!  With all this great talk, we have no time for our usual laundry list of coolsites, but there’s a couple inline you should consider:

  • AVG.com – A cool site of the week many times over, AVG antivirus group’s software is a perennial favorite, and they have a ton of other resources you should check out too.  Start here and see what they’re about.
  • Free.AVG.com – If you just want to download the free antivirus software you can go directly to it!

A bit of an oldie but a goodie to end things today, LCD Soundsystem closes us out with the podcast only song of the week.

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