Ep. 308 – Dr. Farzad Mostashari, National Coordinator for Health IT
May 22, 2013
Ep. 310 – Talking Trek with Jeanne Wolf and the Saturday Evening Post!
June 3, 2013

Ep. 309 – A fount of fun fonts!

TOPIC:  Dave’s not here, so Mike gets to rant about Google Reader and Hangouts again and talk about anything else that comes to mind … but Jay Garmon sticks around to discuss the news of the day and share this geek trivia question of the week:

Of all the “blockbuster” summer movies released Memorial Day weekend, what was the only one that ever won the best picture award?

With guests and regulars like we had today it’s no surprise that our coolsites of the week bit got a little squished (as in “completely out of existence”) but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some sites you should check out:

  • EveryStockPhoto.com – Just what it sounds like, a huuuuge collection of royalty free stock photos that you can search and find and use to your heart’s content!
  • FontSquirrel.com – Similarly, but with fonts.  Lots and lots of fonts.  Free, delicious fonts!
  • LeagueOfMovableType.com – Like FontSquirrel, but slightly less so.
  • LostType.com – This site focuses on providing high quality, interesting fonts and less on sheer quantity.  Excellent curated (and free) font choices here!
  • SmashingMagazine.com – A wonderful collection of articles and links to design and graphic insight and information.  Check out the seasonal wallpapers!

Keep listening for the distinctly Bronski-beat sounding “Blind” by Hercules!

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