Ep. 304 – Conglomeration Conflagration!
April 11, 2013
Ep. 306 – Lance Fortnow’s “Golden Ticket”
May 1, 2013

Ep. 305 – Alexandre Montagu discusses Viacom vs. YouTube

TOPIC:  Good friend of the show and incredibly well informed (and informative) guest Alexandre Montagu, Esq. returns to discuss the recent Viacom vs. YouTube ruling, and how this fits into the context of the DMCA, our rights as consumers of media, and more … we never do get around to discussing boat hulls, but pretty much anything else of interest is in here somewhere!

Dave sticks with us the whole show this week, making sure we stay on time and on track.  He still can’t keep us from almost running over but fortunately just one cool site is all we need this week –

  • Montagu Law – Connect with Alex’s law firm, and see what else he has going on!  In addition, you’ll find links to his recently release book “Intellectual Property: Money and Power In A New Era” – well worth the read (and don’t forget to check out our original interview about this with him HERE).

Great retro style song to end this week with Little Boots’ “Every Night I Say a Prayer”.

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