Ep. 298 – PBS American Experience’s “Silicon Valley” Filmmaker Randall MacLowry
January 31, 2013
Ep. 300 – Alex Knapp of Forbes and Asteroid Contingency Planning
February 19, 2013

Ep. 299 – Happy Snaky New Year!

TOPIC:  That’s right, Mike and Dave are right on top of the Chinese New Years celebration!  Plus, Dave tells about LibreOffice’s new offering, and we tell you when it’s OK to poke your friend and when you should just SnapChat them up 😉

Jay Garmon is not actually, physically present, but he gives us a serial trivia session with this question that is just oh so a propos this week for our East Coast friends:

What landmark piece of software was created as the direct result of a blizzard?

There’s even time for a few coolsites of the week!

  • Mastaba Snoopy:  Remember those “choose your own adventures” from when you were a kid? This is exactly … and nothing … like that!
  • Pulp-O-Mizer:  Make old pulp magazine covers (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) your own!  Lots of fun to get lost in if you’re snowed in this weekend …

We missed the timing and lose a few minutes at the end of the show, but I made sure you get to an earful of the beautiful “Default” by Django Django anyways!.

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