Ep. 297 – Find the Phattest Phablets on Fringe!
January 25, 2013
Ep. 299 – Happy Snaky New Year!
February 13, 2013

Ep. 298 – PBS American Experience’s “Silicon Valley” Filmmaker Randall MacLowry

TOPIC:  Fabulous show this week, as we get a sneak peek and in-depth discussion about the upcoming documentary “Silicon Valley.”  Randall MacLowry gives us his take on the genesis of not only the technologies and hardware we depend on every day, but also the innovations to culture and business that men like Robert Noyce (founder of Intel) heralded.  The show comes out February 5th on your local PBS station, so set your DVR’s today!

Jay Garmon answers last week’s question and as always gives us another fantastic Geek Trivia question for the coming week:

What is the oldest viable DNA sample ever recovered?

No time for coolsites of the week (Randy was just too great of an interview), but you should go to PBS’ website for the “Silicon Valley” program for more information about the program and related content.

On-air song of the week this week is “Line of Fire” by Junip!

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