Ep. 294 – Tech-pocalypse Averted!
January 2, 2013
Ep. 296 – Singularity Rising Author James Miller
January 17, 2013

Ep. 295 – You Can Be Anyone On the Internet

TOPIC:  << NOTE – the final minutes of audio were cut off on this recording >>  Dave and Mike wax on about mobile phone technology, and the lack thereof at CES as well as talking about how one guy lost his phone – but got it back by playing the oldest trick in the Internet playbook … pretending to be someone he’s not!

No Jay Garmon this week, but we’ll surely hear from him next time! On the flip side, that gives us tons of time for some great cool sites of the week:

  • CellSwapper – Lets you trade your cell contract with others who have one you’d prefer!  Not as crazy as it sounds .. and well managed too.
  • Zapier – Automate all the ins and outs of your cloud services!
  • Trello – The absolute BEST organizational system I’ve run across so far!  Allows sharing, management, teaming, and more!

Due to the audio cutoff, there is no podcast only song this week.  Sorry music lovers!

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