Ep. 292 – Speaking Naturally with Nuance’s Peter Mahoney!
December 19, 2012
Ep. 294 – Tech-pocalypse Averted!
January 2, 2013

Ep. 293 – A Very TechTalk XMas!

TOPIC:  Dave and Jay and Mike have a wonderful Geekmas together, celebrating new news and reviewing some old stories as well as discussing Psy’s billionth view and the death of the water cooler – but the rise of the meme!  We also continue the Dragon Naturally Speaking giveaway … sign up today!

Jay Garmon Provides the thought provoking geek trivia of the week with this whopper:

What historical figure came in to buck up the morale of the crew of Apollo 8 before their pre-Christmas launch?

To top everything off like a star on top of the proverbial tree, we even get some great cool sites of the week in!

  • Impact Earth! – Find out what will happen in your neck of the woods when the big one drops!
  • Ultimate Gift List – Just what it sounds like, gives you some great suggestions for gifts this season!
  • Lekh Diagrams – iOS app that helps with charts and graphs.  Cleans ’em up, makes ’em look great!

Just for fun, and somewhat in the spirit, we finish off with Tom Lehr “I’m Spending Hannukah (in Santa Monica)!”

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