Ep. 288 – Alexandre Montagu on Intellectual Property
November 14, 2012
Ep. 290 – From Saganaki to Shatner, everything’s coming up cheese!
November 29, 2012

Ep. 289 – Fantasy Football Fail!

TOPIC:  It’s Sunday, noon.  The big game is just about to kick off and all you need to do to guarantee a win in your fantasy football league is to swap that defense.  What do you see as you log in to make the change?  404 website fail!  If you were using Yahoo! this weekend to get your fantasy on, this is literally what happened to you – and Mike knows your pain!  We also get into a little General Betrayus discussion, and our good friend Jay Garmon spends probably far more time than he expected on-air chatting and getting into detailed info about this and more – plus asks this brain bender for the week:

Why did Nolan Bushnell really have Atari develop the Pong video game?

And we finally get a chance for a few coolsites of the week:

  • NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month!  Get help, insight, advice and direction for writing your first novel right here!
  • Stykz – Make your own stick figure animations for free!  Download the software and have at it … no strings attached.
  • Stamen Maps – Make your plain Jane Google maps look artistic and cool!
  • EBM First – Great place to get started on finding out where to spend your health dollars.  Evidence-Based Medicine First will disabuse you of any illusions you might have concerning your “healthcare” provider, and give you ammo to fight against quackery everywhere!
We end up with the podcast only song “Gravity” by The Whitest Boy Alive.  Enjoy!

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