Ep. 287 – Michael Miller Talks Windows 8
November 8, 2012
Ep. 289 – Fantasy Football Fail!
November 19, 2012

Ep. 288 – Alexandre Montagu on Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property by Alexandre MontaguTOPIC:  Alexandre Montagu, founder of MontaguLaw – a leading intellectual property law firm – joins us to talk about all things IP!  Did you know that the color red can be considered intellectual property, and sued over?  We don’t stick with fashion, but have a very interesting and in-depth discussion about what IP is and how it affects you and the technologies you use every day.  We even have time to freewheel some ideas on just exactly what is wrong with IP law today!

We also have the pleasure of Jay Garmon coming on air via the wonders of wireless to answer last week’s question and provide this nugget for next week:

What was the training technique developed specifically for use in Gemini 12 (still in use today) and what mission objective was it used for?

Once again we get so involved in our discussion there just isn’t time for any coolsites, but you should definitely follow the links here to get more info about the book Intellectual Property: Money and Power in a New Era, and if you’ve got any other legal questions go to MontaguLaw directly!

We end the show with a special podcast only song of the week, an ode to everyone who is still arguing about the election … just listen and you’ll understand 🙂

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