Ep. 282 – Michael Miller, Maps and Music!
October 5, 2012
Ep. 284 – Lions and Tigers and Asteroids, Oh My!
October 19, 2012

Ep. 283 – Romance talk with Deputy Chief Inspector Greg Campbell

TOPIC:   Believe it!  No, TechTalk is not going the way of TMZ or TLC, and we don’t get into the latest celebrity tiff … what we do get is a ton of great information and fun conversation with Greg Campbell, whose office is responsible for investigating mail crime!  It turns out that the United States Postal Inspection Service is intimately involved in romance scams, grandparent scams, and more.  Anything that results in a piece of mail being sent, Greg finds out about it.  I trust him when he says he has a unique set of skills, developed over a lifetime of service …

Not only do you get a great interview, but we also have time for just a few cool sites of the week:

  • Postal Inspectors Office – Do you want more information about what we discussed on-air? Have you been a victim of an Internet scam? Here’s where you can get more info and submit a request for assistance!
  • Stop ZombieMouth – PopCap Games is giving away free Plants vs. Zombies games for Halloween this year!  Save your teeth at the same time you save the plants!

“I  Wish I Could Go Traveling Again” by Stacey Kent is the cool song of the week!

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