Ep. 280 – TechTalk Gangnam Style
September 19, 2012
Ep. 282 – Michael Miller, Maps and Music!
October 5, 2012

Ep. 281 – iPhone 5 Why?

TOPIC:  We start by talking about the iPhone 5 and who among you was sitting out there waiting for it? Was it worth it?  We’d love to know … though Mike has some ideas of his own too of course!  If you’re on the fence you might want to check out this Jimmy Kimmel video:  Kimmel iPhone 5 Prank

Jay Garmon comes back to us this week with a nice long talk about what shows to look for this season, including a great way for Apple to turn their insane fans into a powerful quarterly charitable powerhouse, and leaves us with this brian twister:

 What is the technical term “Hobbit” used for (before and distinct from Tolkien)?

In addition, we have time for a great lineup of coolsites of the week, including:

  • VDI Works – Remote control your desktop with your iPad or iPhone!
  • BuyBackTextbooks – Android and iOS app to figure out quickly and easily the best place to sell your books back!
  • CFY PowerMyLearning – Great educational fun site for all grades up to college!

We pull from the archives the hopping “Super Bon Bon” by Soul Coughing.  Enjoy!

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