Ep. 279 – Matt Richtel’s Floodgate
September 12, 2012
Ep. 281 – iPhone 5 Why?
September 28, 2012

Ep. 280 – TechTalk Gangnam Style

TOPIC:  OK, we may not be able to quite pull the Gangnam style thing off, but we do have a fantastic conversation with Malwarebytes CEO Marcin Kleczynski, as he joins us to talk about things going on with Malwarebytes, new security threats and dangers, and whether or not we can ever win the war of the botnets!  Your Chicago teachers may be on strike, but the TechTalk show is still here to teach you a thing or two about security …


In addition, we have time for a great lineup of coolsites of the week, including:

  •  SocialFixer – Lets you filter and manage your social media input … never have to hear one of those whiny political posts from the other side again!
  • Atari Retro Arcade – Just like it sounds, but better!  Ramped up with new graphics, these classic games are even better than you remember!
  • CodeAcadamy – Afraid of programming? Want to learn what all the java or python fuss is about?  Check this site out today!
  • FollowUp.CC – Are you already using your inbox as a todo list?  This will make it easier, better, faster and more reliable!

And it all finishes up with the very fun “Machu Picchu” by the Strokes.

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