Ep. 278 – Deep Geek
September 4, 2012
Ep. 280 – TechTalk Gangnam Style
September 19, 2012

Ep. 279 – Matt Richtel’s Floodgate

TOPIC:  That’s right, good friend of the show Matt Richtel is back – and so is Nat Idle (or at least a cameo).  Matt and Mike get deep into search privacy, data dives and more … a lot more – you’ll have to listen to get the whole scoop!  Of course, regular Jay Garmon is with us and, after discussing what we would do with a lock of Neil Armstrong’s hair, provides this tasty cerebral nugget:

What is the only non-technical Emmy that the Star Trek franchise has ever won?

Too much great conversation means no cool sites this week (though don’t forget to head over to http://mattrichtel.com for more on Floodgate, Cloud and Matt’s other books), but we do fit in a great, jazzy song by Jamie Lidell - “Multiply”

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